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INTACT: Men As They Were Born to Be” – Activist Art Book by Trish Causey

INTACT: Men As They Were Born to Be” – Activist Art Book by Trish Causey

The male foreskin is an absolutely normal part of the male body, which is why boys are born with it. Providing 16 functions for health and sexual pleasure, men need their foreskin. So why is male foreskin still so reviled and misunderstood in the United States?


And why are we still circumcising babies who cannot consent?

Ignorance, lies, and money.


I’m Trish Causey, a writer, creator, and ArtistActivist.


I am raising money to publish my book INTACT: MEN AS THEY WERE BORN TO BE. The $9,295.00 budget covers:

  • the cost of layout and publishing via BookBaby,
  • copyediting services,
  • photography and graphic design work for the book,
  • 3 months of press rep/marketing fees.


INTACT: MEN AS THEY WERE BORN TO BE will be published by July 2018 – if the funding goal is reached here on Kickstarter.


The book will be manufactured through BookBaby and released as both a hardbound, full-color book with dust jacket and as an eBook. Both will be available via all major stores and platforms.


This book explains the importance of male foreskin: the role foreskin plays in a man’s overall health and how foreskin aids a man’s sexual function. The information presented in the book is comprised of survey responses from men who were not circumcised as babies and from professionals in a variety of fields who advocate for boys keeping their natural anatomy — and autonomy — INTACT.


In 2017, I posted a 29-question survey for adult intact men to tell their stories about what it’s like to still have their foreskin. For 14 months, I conducted in-depth conversations with these 159 respondents, who live in 28 countries, scattered all over the world. Those insights on male foreskin are the foundation of my book INTACT: MEN AS THEY WERE BORN TO BE.

This book presents the personal anecdotes – some hilariously funny and some heartachingly sad – of men whose survey responses help demystify the male foreskin that still shocks and befuddles so many Americans.


INTACT: MEN AS THEY WERE BORN TO BE contains ARTISTIC NUDES of men’s normal anatomy and medical anatomical charts to explain the function of the male foreskin. There is no porn in this book.


The book will be a 10” x 10” hardbound book with dust jacket and full-color pages, displaying the survey responses, anatomical diagrams, and medical facts – all juxtaposed by the gorgeous, artistic display of men’s normal anatomy.

INTACT is a full-color activist/art-project that bluntly delves into male anatomy, explains how intact sex is different, and puts the “fun” in the “function” of men’s foreskin.