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100% Organic Pima Cotton Underwear for Happy, Healthy Bodies. Zero pesticides. Zero toxins. 100% landfill free by Stacy Anderson

100% Organic Pima Cotton Underwear for Happy, Healthy Bodies. Zero pesticides. Zero toxins. 100% landfill free by Stacy Anderson

The Annual Brief™ by KENT is the only 100% organic pima cotton underwear that’s cooling and breathable, free of toxins and pesticides, naturally hypo-allergenic – and best of all, helps keep you (and the planet) healthy.

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We eat organic food. We apply organic skincare. We use organic tampons … it’s time our underwear are organic too. The Annual Brief™ was born out of the belief that what we put on our body should be as healthy and clean as what we put in our body. Each Brief is made of 100% certified organic pima cotton – a naturally hypoallergenic, silky smooth fabric that’s 100% free of toxins, synthetics and pesticides. And because studies show we should replace our everyday underwear once a year to stay healthy, we take the guesswork out of knowing when it’s time to refresh your underwear drawer. Each pair comes with a unique D.O.B. to help keep track. Stick with us, and never worry about underwear shopping again.

The Annual Brief is: 

  •  A World First: certified organic pima cotton underwear and subscription program designed to take the worry out of having healthy, fresh underwear daily. Keep it on auto-pilot or change any time.
  •  Perfect fit: tried and tested on dozens of women to be the most comfortable, breathable underwear you’ll ever own.
  •  Made With Certified Organic Pima Cotton: ultra-breathable, naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, and 100% free of pesticides, toxins and petrochemicals.
  •  Sourced from Peru – Organic Pima – The Softest Cotton Fabric: that won’t pill, bunch or get scratchy like conventional cotton. And, sustainably farmed and fair trade certified!
  •  Designed for Everyday: lightweight fabric to wear running, jogging, walking, working, brunch-ing and everything in-between.
  •  Machine Washable: pop them in the wash with like colors, tumble dry or line dry and voila!
  •  Made in Los Angeles: with our family-owned factory.
  •  Stamped with Unique D.O.B.: because studies show we should replace everyday underwear annually, each Annual Brief comes with a discreetly stamped ‘Date of Birth’ to help keep track.
  •  Landfill Free: each Annual Brief shipment comes with a Recycle Club pouch, to send back pairs that are past their prime to our recycling partner for refinement and repurposing (i.e. in insulation) to divert waste from landfill. 
  •  Auto-Refresh Guarantee: our annual subscription program keeps track of when it may be time to swap out your old pairs for new, so you don’t have to. 
  •  The Beginning Of A Whole New Category Of Underwear: based on the natural, toxic-free and biodegradable benefits offered by organic pima cotton.