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Cami J. Kidder`s Throw Like A Girl, a feature-length documentary

Cami J. Kidder`s Throw Like A Girl, a feature-length documentary

THROW LIKE A GIRL started out being a documentary film about girls who want to play baseball, and to understand why American women are essentially shut out of our National pastime. It has grown to become my personal quest to encourage, create and build equal opportunities in sport for girls everywhere.

Title IX opened up many sports to women, and today virtually every other sport is the same for men or women. Swimming is swimming, golf is golf, basketball is basketball, skiing is skiing all with very small modifications the rules, the equipment, the venue is the same – except in the case of Baseball and Softball.  bizarre, yet true fact, is that there are more girls playing College FOOTBALL than there are playing College BASEBALL.

THROW LIKE A GIRL travels around the world looking for answers and inspiration. Canada and Australia have grown their youth baseball programs for girls into a true development pipeline for their National Women’s Baseball Teams. Cuba has always had two tracks – either you play baseball or you play softball, boys or girls – there isn’t an issue. Baseball is the National Pastime of the United States, and we used to have a women’s professional baseball league – The All American Girls Professional Baseball League, which was made famous by Penny Marshall’s iconic film, A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. But what are we doing lately???

So what are we REALLY SAYING to every young girl when we tell her, “You can’t play baseball anymore, honey, that sport is just for boys”? What is she hearing? “There are still things in this world that girls can’t do, just because they are girls.” Is it any wonder they stop striving and stop dreaming?  We are telling them their dreams are not as important not as valid as the dreams of boys.

“Sexism can be so subtle that it easily goes unnoticed in the moment. This isn’t a men’s problem or a women’s problem, it’s a societal issue, a cultural issue.” “I’m a documentary filmmaker because I love to know why people do what they do. Often this requires me to just listen, which isn’t something we do enough of in our everyday lives, in my view. But I’ve been galvanized by this issue, it’s about so much more than baseball, I can’t just listen anymore, I have to take action. Moreover I want to inspire others to act too because that’s how we can change a system!”